Individual versus Group Practice

Individual Practice versus Large Group Practice  ‚ÄčAs "Health Insurance Companies" have become more powerful and controlling over the years, physicians have banded together often to theoretically lower their overhead costs.  I have enough experience with this to know that Big is not Better.  Large groups have clout, but they typi...

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Total Hip: Anterior VS Posterior Approach

The Anterior Approach is not new. It was described in the 1800's by a German Surgeon!  In the last 5 or 10 years, there has been a push towards Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement.  It is my feeling that this was done primarily for marketing purposes.   When the first total hips were implanted, Sir John Charnley realize...

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Computer Aided Total Knee Replacement

The last 10 years has seen the development of Computer Aided Navigation for Total Knee Replacement.  This has been advertised as "more accurate" but there is little evidence that this is the case.  Knee replacement which is instrumented off of the center of the tibia and the center of the femur is highly accurate and does not rely on pins...

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Allograft versus Autograft

Allograft versus Autograft As a patient, you may hear these terms and not know what they mean. Simply stated, Autograft is tissue of your own used to augment or replace lost or damaged tissue. This can be utilized for bone grafts or ligament reconstruction. Allograft is tissue used from another person. Xenograft is tissue used from another species....

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