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Individual versus Group Practice

By November 20, 2022Sports Medicine

Individual Practice versus Large Group Practice

​As “Health Insurance Companies” have become more powerful and controlling over the years, physicians have banded together often to theoretically lower their overhead costs.  I have enough experience with this to know that
Big is not Better.  Large groups have clout, but they typically use answering services and complex phone tree messaging to direct calls.  This makes it difficult for patients to reach any Physician, let alone their own.  They often speak to Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants instead of their own Physician.  Only you can decide if this is appropriate, but to me it is not.

It is my feeling that patients should be able to speak to their own Physician and that second tier providers should be under direct supervision.  This has become less and less the norm.

My office is small and personal, and I strive to advocate Patient Education ease of access and the best care I can.  Patients who need to call us generally get an immediate answer from an office member.  If they need to speak to me they can.  This is old fashioned values using new technology.

I have routinely had Electronic Medical Records since 2003, and I run my own systems.  I have been involved in Computer Program development which gives me a critical view of Information Technology systems and their function and integration.  This back ground has helped me run my own office, and has allowed me to use the knowledge to lower the cost and overhead.

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